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Fenstor Storage wanted to drive local sales of it's storage services and bring the business online to capture a larger audience.


Transform the businesses online footprint, bringing it online intelligently and helping customers understand the three W's. What, Why & Where.


The site launched at mid-night and on the next day it generated 3 sales leads. To date, the site has organically generated between 3-5 sales leads a week without any additional spending on advertising.

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Sometimes, simplicity out performs complexity. For businesses who focus on one particular service or provide one product, keeping your message succinct and simple drives more activity. The temptation when creating a website is to try and persuade potential customers by covering all imaginable angles when truly, you simply need to highlight the main features and benefits. With Fenstor Storage, we broke storage services into 3 of the most popular use cases and made it simple to reach out to the business for more information. This worked perfectly and allowed us to add further services as time continued, based on customer feedback.

Analytics & Feedback

Know before you try

Understanding what customers are looking for and why, drives progress. With Fenstor Storage, the business owner understood his businesses customers extremely well and allowed us to know which services to include on the website from the first day. Using Analytics on the new website taught us what additional services they were looking for and allowed us to broaden the scope of service we include enabling the business to upsell and cross-sell to additional value added services. Applying an intelligent data-driven strategy like this has allowed the business to increase it's average transaction value and capture more wallet-share, affordably without taking on extra commercial risk.


Teach & Capture

Prospective customers may want your service or product but until they know why your service is more valuable than another, you may find it difficult to capture this interest and convert it into paying customers. Describing each of the service Fenstor Storage provides, highlighting how it operates and why this is important to potential customers enabled us to convert more visitors into paying customers. Breaking down storage services into seperate, highly targted offerings helped customers understand why they would want to use this service and how it could help them achieve their goals.

Succeed & Grow

Funnel Strategy

As the website continues to run and convert visitors into inbound sales enquiries, the next step is to increase the number of visitors. Knowing how many visitors we need to attract in order to convert a single sale is key to executing a growth strategy. We know that out of every 100 visitors, 2-3 become inbound sales enquiries and can now start to calculate the budget for advertisement spend. Purchasing visitors through Adwords or Facebook campaigns now have an ROI as we can understand the cost of each lead far clearer than before using our website analytics.

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