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Help Richard Thomas Conservatories & Windows reframe existing content and modernise the appearance of it's online footprint.


Research the industry to determine current trends, expectations and work with the Richard Thomas team to establish branding guidelines, create new content and draft commercial strategy.


An exciting site which revitalises the online reputation of an established business, with content and imagery to capture the attention of visitors. Since it's launch, traffic has continued to increase, bounce rates have lowered and inbound sales leads have ramped up.

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How do you make your business stand out in a competitive market place? Every single business is unique. From the methodologies you enact, the staff you recruit to the service or products you sell. Each and every aspect is a unique differentiator which can help set you apart. With Richard Thomas Conservatories & Windows, after several years of evolution, their online footprint had slowly become inaccurate and was now describing a company which shared little resemblance to the company it is today. Queue, the Growth Architects.

Know the market

Research is key

For being a competitive market, there were a number of suprises in store for us. The biggest is that the competitors had neglected their online presence. Considering the gross margins on products and services, the competitors had focussed on profit extraction rather than reinvesting and improving service quality. Richard Thomas Conservatories & Windows are a unique entity in their industry as they were both unafraid of experimenting and of reinvesting profits to establish a larger market share.

Expose Differentiation

Know competitor weaknesses

Understanding the market you operate in is crucial to highlighting the areas where you excel. Richard Thomas Conservatories & Windows were focussed on local competitors but as our research exposed, the main competitors were the largest operators in the industry; namely Everest & Anglian Home. Focussing on the pieces which help them standout against these competitors was crucial and through the Growth Architects website process, the framing of their service and local focus was key on enabling them to capture more of the right local share within their service area.



Reviewing the metrics behind their new online footprint equips us with the knowledge we need to continue to optimise the site and improve it, month-on-month. We know that the site has increased inbound enquiries, enabling the team over at Richard Thomas Conservatories, Extensions & Windows to initiate the sales process for new business worth in excess of £500,000 in the first month alone.

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