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Cambridge Worktops Limited Website Design

What can we accomplish with a growing and ambitious client which wants to take market share away from both large & small competitors using digital marketing techniques? Cambridge Worktops were a small worktop specialist who wanted to take over the world. With the help of the Growth Architects, the businesses website has been redesigned to encourage more visitor participation resulting in a huge increase in inbound sales enquiries and has helped establish Cambridge Worktops as the leader in their market.


Help Cambridge Worktops redesign an existing website to improve the conversion rate, search engine ranking and attract potential distributors.


Research the industry to uncover cost effective methods of improving the businesses online visibility. Combining market research with our in-house marketing expertise to establish a website which showcases the beautifully designed worktops and captivate potential customers.


A simple yet performant website which converts a high percentage of website visitors into inbound sales leads using marketing best-practices. Our team has propelled Cambridge Worktops so that it appears on the front page of Google for popular unbranded search terms and helped attract one of the largest UK distributors to proactively reach out and sign an extremely lucrative distrbutor agreement.

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Know the market

Research is key

Researching competitors of Cambridge Worktops provided a number of suitable avenues to take the business. Traditional competitors had ignored their online footprint enabling the Growth Architects team to target their weaknesses and gain valuable exposure above and beyond what even the most ambitious competitors had reached.


360 Degrees of Design

The new website provides an inuitive experience to potential customers, providing ample detail of the available products and consistant encouragement to reach out for more information. As the content we generated was Search Engine Optimised, we're also experiencing high ranks for hugely competitive terms such as 'Cambridge Worktops' and 'Quartz Worktops', increasing the amount of traffic the site experiences.



Since the website's launch, it's attracted thousands of customers and help to establish a new commercial partnership between Cambridge Worktop & one of the UK's largest distributors worth several million pounds per annum in revenue.

We’ve worked with the Growth Architects team for a number of years now and it’s always been exactly what we’ve needed. Great communication. Valuable insights. Assistance when and where we need it and the best part of it all? We don’t need to risk using any other agency for any of our marketing needs.

Darren Seamark, Founder

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