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Case Study | Cambridge Worktops | Growth Architects

One of the fastest growing worktop specialists in the UK has an insatiable apetite for growth and with the help of the Growth Architects, attached a rocket to customer acquisition.


Cambridge Worktops requested assistance with revitalising their brand due to an ever-changing competitive landscape where they found themselves losing ground to new players.


Embark on a research project to better understand target customers before designing and launching a new, modern catalogue website alongside a potent Google Adwords campaign.


A faster-growing business which is now capturing more market share due to their ability to connect prospective customers with the right product, in the right way through an intelligently designed website and surgically targeted Google Adwords campaign.

CSS3 Latest Standards

iPhone, iPad or Desktop. Looks great on everything.

Using the latest technologies, the new website alters it's design depending upon the size of screen it's viewed on. This ensures that navigational elements are always clear & present and information about products and services can always be easily consumed.

HTML5 Specifications
CSS3 Latest Standards
Google Analytics
Bootstrap Frameworks

Optimised to appear higher up and more frequently in search results.

To help ensure the website is ranked highly & understood by Google, each page is crafted to target specific keywords ensuring not only that it appears first in all search engines for the businesse's name, but also their unbranded services/products.

CSS3 Latest Standards
CSS3 Latest Standards

Professional content by experienced Copy Writers.

In order to capture the attention of each visitor, vivid images and relevant written content has been created and placed in a layout designed to attract & convert potential customers, dramatically increasing inbound enquiries.

HTML5 Specifications
CSS3 Latest Standards
Google Analytics

Complex analytics, distilled.

Analytics are collect behind the scenes 24/7. Information reflecting how visitors are interacting with each page or the number of views certain paragraphs, pages or videos are experiencing are recorded and shared. This not only ensures it's always running perfecty but also that future marketing decisions are driven by real-data from real people.

CSS3 Latest Standards
Know the market

Research is key

Researching competitors of Cambridge Worktops provided a number of suitable avenues to take the business. Traditional competitors had ignored their online footprint enabling the Growth Architects team to target their weaknesses and gain valuable exposure above and beyond what even the most ambitious competitors had reached.


360 Degrees of Design

The new website provides an inuitive experience to potential customers, providing ample detail of the available products and consistant encouragement to reach out for more information. As the content we generated was Search Engine Optimised, we're also experiencing high ranks for hugely competitive terms such as 'Cambridge Worktops' and 'Quartz Worktops', increasing the amount of traffic the site experiences.



Since the website's launch, it's attracted thousands of new customers and has also been instrumental in signing a distribution deal with one of the largest distributors in the UK resulting in a seven-figure deal being enacted.

We’ve worked with the Growth Architects team for a number of years now and it’s always been exactly what we’ve needed. Great communication. Valuable insights. Assistance when and where we need it and the best part of it all? We don’t need to risk using any other agency for any of our marketing needs.

Darren Seamark, Founder

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