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Maybin Electrical is one of the leading electricians in Berkshire which has been in operation for 10 years. Growth Architects were approached to help the business appear more professional and polished online, whilst ensuring prospective customers can easily find their website online through various search engines.


Rebuild an existing website using modern techniques and technologies to ensure it can be viewed from both smart phones and desktops. Ensure the new website can be discovered through simple, relevant and valuable search terms.


A new website which is built using the latest technologies and best practices to ensure it's longevity and accessibility with a myriad of devices, both big and small. Include Search Engine Optimisations to ensure search engines understand and rank the new website and include suitable Google Schema to appear clearer under certain searches.


An exciting and dynamic website which helps to educate prospective customers on the businesses core services. Using a mixture of empty-space and modern typographies with a simple colour pallete, the new website feels and looks modern. With only 1 click required for interested customers to reach out to the business, it is now far easier for customers to enact services.

Complex problems simplified with modern technology.

The Blush Ely website stands head and shoulders above it's competitors. Within it's first week, it had generated enough bridal appointments to fill an entire week and todate, continues to generate enough interest to assure at least a couple of months waiting for lucky brides-to-be.

HTML5 Specifications
CSS3 Latest Standards
Google Analytics
Bootstrap Frameworks

Every service laid bare for the betterment of rank & customer.

To avoid losing the interest of the visitors our new website attracts, it was important to highlight each of the services available and display these intuitively for all to see. This not only helps prospective customers understand what the business provides but Google too, resulting in higher conversion rates and rank position.

HTML5 Specifications
CSS3 Latest Standards
Google Analytics
CSS3 Latest Standards
CSS3 Latest Standards

Professional content by experienced Copy Writers.

In order to capture the attention of each visitor, vivid images and relevant written content has been created and placed in a layout designed to attract & convert potential customers, dramatically increasing inbound enquiries.

HTML5 Specifications
CSS3 Latest Standards
Google Analytics

Complex analytics, distilled.

Analytics are collect behind the scenes 24/7. Information reflecting how visitors are interacting with each page or the number of views certain paragraphs, pages or videos are experiencing are recorded and shared. This not only ensures it's always running perfecty but also that future marketing decisions are driven by real-data from real people.

CSS3 Latest Standards


Keeping it simple is the key to building a website of this nature. It's usually quite simple to build a website which says a lot but is never read. With the Maybin Electrical website, we have 16 services to catalogue and ensure prospective customers could easily navigate to each one. We did this by keeping a fairly flat structure, with simple navigation elements on both mobile and desktop versions. Avoiding the use of too many images to ensure these elements remained promiment was the key to ensure usability.



Due to the sheer number of competing businesses, it was crucial that the website was Search Engine Optimised and it started to build it's back link directories sooner rather than later. When the new website launched, the only visitors it experienced searches for the businesses brand. After 3 months, it was ranking on the first page for 3 hugely valuable search terms. It has continued to feaircly compete with it's competitors for first page positions on 10's of important keywords.



Rather than create a quote for each individual marketing service, we moved forward with a monthly retainer model which serves Maybin Electrical with a set number of hours each month. These hours can be invested on any marketing task but importantly, will never increase based upon work load. Maybin Electrical have used our retainer structure for a number of different services including Marketing consultancy, website design and some development work.

We’re happy with the Growth Architect’s team. The new site is a big improvement over the last and we’re excited to see what other aspects they can help us with. We’re waging war against paper so it should be an interesting new year!

Jay Maybin, Owner

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