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Blush Ely Limited


Connecting Wedding Gowns With Brides in 2 clicks.

Responsive Website Launched within 1 month

Fully booked appointment book within 3 weeks of launch

Top placement in Organic results

Project Introduction

We worked with this exciting start-up boutique to establish a new brand, responsive web presence, customer acquisition strategy and the capability to book bridal appointments online in just 2 clicks.



Support the launch of a new local business with a unique, youthful and memorable website. Capture the attention of a young demographic, take local market share aggressively & create a design voice.


Review competitors to better understand the landscape. Combine exciting design queues with smart technology to appeal to specific demographic who wants to dress their age and use technology to find the ‘Yes Dress’.


A rapidly-growing business which is now capturing more market share due to their ability to connect prospective customers with the right product, in the right way through an intelligently designed website and surgically targeted content & design.


Business Overview

Blush Ely is an exciting new wedding boutique start-up with big ambitions and even larger stock of designer dresses from around the globe. Since launch, this independent boutique has enjoyed a fully booked appointment book and has an eye on taking over London.


Blush Ely Limited



We are so happy with how it all looks..We got a great response to our website last night (launch night) and lots of interest which is fantastic!

Know the market


Knowing who your competitors are, how they position their business and which areas they may not be exploiting fully are key. From our initial research it was clear that local competitors had yet to embrace technology and had simply borrowed design frameworks from each other, leaving an opportunity for Blush Ely to reinvent customer expectations and create a more youthful, modern voice.



Rather than follow the status quo, the team over at Blush Ely wanted to stand out and be unique. Given this freedom, our team set about establishing a design language which reflects the youthful spirit of it’s operators and a focus to exploit technologies to help progress interested leads to qualified customers. The result is a captivating website which showcases their beautiful product and enables their clients to schedule a Bridal Appointment in real-time, picking a time that suits them via


Fixed Costs

Typically, marketing agencies take their fees upfront. This raises a number of risks for clients as it is consumes their marketing budget before they’ve seen the results. It may also stop them being able to fund other marketing efforts which are crucial to early-stage growth. With the Growth Architects, we charge a small fee each month which covers professional website design services and ongoing marketing support & guidance - Not to mention, leaving our clients with the majority of their budget available to invest in other marketing opportunities without forcing them to rely on cashflow alone.

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