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The Marketing Trap

The state of marketing today is horendous. With so many businesses fighting for …

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Website Design & Optimisation

We design modern, professional, responsive and SEO-optimised websites which …

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What is GDPR and how does it affect you? | Growth Architects

Sat, 12 May, 2018

What does GDPR mean for your business?

( 7 mins read time)

With the new GDPR legislation, business owners and business managers must follow a new set of complex obligations to ensure customer information is protected otherwise they risk large fines.

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Marketing Insights: HTTPS is essential for websites | Growth Architects

Sun, 6 May, 2018

Why is HTTPS important for your website?

( 5 mins read time)

Google are changing how they rank competiting business websites in search results & starting in September 2018, HTTPS websites are going to be placed higher than HTTP ones.

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Marketing Insights: Transferring Your Domain From Yell.com | Growth Architects

Sat, 3 Feb, 2018

How to transfer your domain away from Yell

( 2 mins read time)

Leaving Yell.com with your primary business domain intact is not impossible. It's not, it's just a little tricky.

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Marketing Insights: Website Analytics 101 | Growth Architects

Fri, 8 Dec, 2017

Why are Analytics so important?

( 3 mins read time)

In a world where success is born through prediction, decisions based on usage are key.

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