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Perhaps you’ve just worked tirelessly on your new website, wrestling with Wordpress to show the information you want shown in the way you want it. Perhaps you’ve hired a Website developer to build your website and it’s been delivered and you’re delighted with it. 

Whilst you have every right to either open the champagne to celebrate your new website going live or to the demise of your sanity after working tirelessly on it for 5 weeks, your website is actually far from finished. 

Your website is simply the start of something, not the end of something. It represents your effort, business, product and reputation and should grow alongside these. You never stop evolving your business, nor should you. A website should follow and reflect your journey as an entrepreneur or as a small business owner. 

What happens when you launch a new product or sign a new customer up? Would you want your website to reflect these commercial wins? You probably want to shout about it but how can you if you either need to invest time working with Wordpress add-ons or themes or spending on a bespoke website developer project?

What is important is that you say ‘something’ but how do you do this and what’s important when you do?


Is the look and feel of your website appropriate for your business or your target audience? 

As your business matures and gains more customers, over time your business will change. If you sign more customers in a certain industry, perhaps Plumbers become your main customer type, you may need to think about how you describe your service or products to appeal to this particular audience. To capture your new target audience do you need a different set of wording on your site, do you need to update the images to better reflect your audience or perhaps you need to add a whole new page to capture the audience’s attention? 

If this means jumping back into Wordpress and spending time learning how to achieve these things, or reengaging with your website developer to sponsor another project then it can be costly - in the sense of both effort and cost. 


Whilst a website can provide you with an opportunity to talk about your services or product, you’ll also need to be in a position to capture the excitement this generates in your prospective customer. Many websites simply place a telephone number or e-mail address on the website in an attempt to capture this information. What if there are better technologies available to engage your prospective customers? 

Revisiting your Wordpress website, you could introduce a web form to encourage your viewers to contact you or introduce live chat capabilities so you can host a conversation directly on your website. What if you introduce a capability which isn’t used by your viewers which you find distracting or what if it actually puts off your viewers? Again, you can jump into Wordpress and begin the learning and evaluation process of discovering what works best for you or contact your website developer to instruct them to introduce a new capability into your site. What what if there is something else out there which you’re not aware of yet which could work even better? 


It’s an interesting acronym which stands for ‘Search Engine Optimisation’ and is hugely reliant on content. Creating unique content on your website is one of the post powerful tools you can use to attract viewers. This is typically driven by a Blog, where you have the opportunity to upload articles where you talk about your products and services so viewers can learn more about your business. 

If you’re doing this by yourself, then you would likely have a mechanism within Wordpress to write blogs. If not, you’ll need to call your website developer (again) and instruct them to upload your article - if you do not have this capability already, you may need to sponsor a project for your developer to implement it. Either of these two options still leave the content creation up to you which raises an interesting question of what to write about and when and to whom?

What to do 

The most important aspect of your website is the future. How do you update the content on your site? How do you continue improving the appearance of your website? How do you market your website? It’s not the now that’s important when it comes to website design for small businesses, it’s the continued perseverance of updating and maintaining it thats important. 

Too many times we have reviewed customer websites to find that they have not been updated in such a long time and that the information presented is out of date or inaccurate. Typically it’s not down to neglect but lack of time - small businesses owners are notoriously focused on growing their business by interacting with customers, building products and attending events that there aren’t enough hours in the day to also be a website developer or business marketing professional. 

The key is to spend a little time now and then but frequently. Ensure your business is reflected in a positive light and that your content is current and accurate. Provide plenty of opportunities for them to contact you and monitor what your viewers do on your website. Are prospective customers looking at your home page and leaving without knowing what you do and how you do it? To get a feel for what you should do I suggest you look at competitor websites and pretend to be a potential customer - are your questions being answered? 


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