Digital Marketing Cambridge: Press Relations

Obtaining column inches in a print-publication is something all small businesses seek. Seen as the holy grail of marketing, you may be disappointed to know that obtaining those sought after inches in physical media don’t tend to give you much traffic in the digital world.

There are better ways for you to find online visitors and shoppers for your small business, which we’ll share with you outside the realms of this article. In this article, we’ll provide you with best practices which will help you get heard by traditional media.


1.   Approach only the ‘right’ publications

This is important. Getting your business into The Wall Street Journal sounds like a marvellous accomplishment but it’s wasted if your business doesn’t have a relevant story to tell this particular outlets audience.


2.     Know the Journalists

Newsrooms receive an infinite amount of press releases daily, so if you’re going to send a press release to ‘’ or ‘’, chances are that you’re not going to hear back. Unless you’re Apple or Barclays.


3.     Do your research

Ok, so you’re not going to send a generic ‘to whom it may concerns’ e-mail to Time Magazine.  Instead, what will you do? You should read the magazine/newspaper you want to be featured in and take note, which journalists are writing about what topics. When you find a match, simply Google the writer’s name and see if they have a personal blog or Twitter account. From that point, you can probably find their e-mail address and can send them a personalised pitch.


Remember, the relationship with so-and-so journalists is way more important that any single piece of coverage, so never burn bridges. Always be friendly and give the reporter an out by writing something like “if you’re interested, let me know or if not…no worries.