SEO for Small Business Owners: Get Found Online

To save you from jumping into all of the Search Engine Optimisation (typically referred to as SEO) articles on Google, we've compiled this list of the top reasons why you may not be receiving the attention you expected from online search engines. (You can thank me later).

1.   You've just launched your website. The search engines are increasingly taking the age of a website into consideration and the length of time the site has sat within their algorithm.

2.  Your website is full of graphics, movies, animations which search engines are not good at understanding/reviewing. Far too often, we see small business websites which are interesting to look at but which cannot be read by SEO and are never seen by folks outside of the business owners rolodex.

3.  Some websites which we come across (some made using a number of Wordpress templates) had code-heavy navigation bars which effectively hid some of the pages on the website. This is a problem which even affects pages made from Wordpress templates which only have 5-10 individual pages, when in terms of indexed pages only one or two show up. 

4.  You are missing incoming links from other websites which also have lots of incoming links from others. This increases the trust in your website which search engines use to rank your website.

5.  They have trouble with your site due to the structure of your website address (url) string.

6.  If your small business website design holds less than 2,500 words, the search engine penalises your ranking. 

7.  Search Engines cannot find you because if you do not shortcut the traditional process, the method Search Engines use is a spidering type approach. They simply find your website via other websites they have discovered and if you're not linked to from discovered websites, they simply won't find your website.

8.  Many websites created with templates are missing crucial metadata. This is the information that is found within the first few lines of the code which makes up all websites. It should contain information about your business such as the name, your product, your service and even perhaps where you're based. Without these pieces of information, your search engine ranking could be hurt.