Cheap Website Design - affordable but dangerous

By now, everyone and their mothers know that if you want to grow your business, then you'll need to be online. With over 90% of the total connected population now searching Google for products or services before they purchase, small businesses must be keen to get their business online so they can capture some of this interest for their own revenue line. Those without, stay without. 

As there is a huge requirement from small businesses to have a web presence in addition to their Facebook or Twitter presences, there has also been a huge resurgence in the number of folks willing to slap lipstick on a template and call it a professional website. 


"If you're thinking of getting a website for less than a couple of thousand quid, chances are it's going to be a template and it's probably going to take less than an hour to build. "


What's wrong with using a website template for your business website? After all, it's cheap and it puts my name out there? Right?

Correct - Moving forward with a website template will certainly get your name out there - Search engines will even crawl it for you and begin to rank it. The danger is that it miss-represents your business and could lead to negative connotations or even loss of business. 

Your business website is effectively your store-front on the internet. If you were to walk up to a local business with a crooked sign above it's door with 'oPen 4ll hours' scrawled on it with marker pen, with someone else's logo (slightly modified to make it their own) slapped on the window and perhaps they're even gone so far to get a banner created for their store providing 'cheap prices to all shoppers' if they dare venture inside. 

Would you go inside? I'm not too sure. 

With the right team onboard, using the right tools applying the right approach, your business will benefit from an online presence. Your website should be created away from the murky worlds of templates because your business wasn't created using a formula - it was created organically and is based upon you and your beliefs, character, experiences and approach to business. You're not the same as someone else, so why would your business be? 

cheap website design - affordable?

With the right team, your website should reflect your businesses personality. It should show your business off as a unique asset, selling products or services based on value propositions which are of sound quality at a reasonable cost. You're not selling a commodity, you're selling a piece of you and so your website should reflect this. 

Working with a Digital Agency (now, I'm going to suggest the Growth Architects here because obvs) your business will have a unique website, designed with your unique traits in mind, showing off your products and services in a way which highlights their uniqueness and value but most importantly of all, there will be a lot of you in there too because without you, it's just another business with just another template.