One of our Favourite Projects: Kitchen Perfection

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Every now and then a project comes along which is transformational in both the presentation of the client we’re working with but also the results. is just one of those projects. 


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Kitchen-Perfection is the leading providers of beautiful bespoke kitchens for the Cambridge area. They provide stunning kitchens and the expertise required to install and customise the kitchens enabling their customers to pick and choose every detail of their new installation. 

Originally Kitchen-Perfection contacted the Growth Architects to revitalise their online website but the relationship grew to cover new Branding, additional Content, a better web framework and has resulted in some rather spectacular results, exposing their business to a better search engine ranking.

  1. Branding
  2. Content
  3. Framework
  4. Results

After a series of briefings with stakeholders from Kitchen-Perfection, the engines of the Growth Architect roared into action. Within 2 weeks a draft website design was created in preparation for review. Given the green-light, our team completed the website design, developing a website which was designed to appeal to a specific demographic which Kitchen-Perfection was targeting. 

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To ensure that the website design was complimented with suitable Copy, our team of Copywriters got to work writing persuasive and attractive website content. Our team were fortune, as working with the leaders of bespoke kitchen providers gave us access to a treasure trove of beautiful images of previous projects and inspiration born out of decades of experiences. 

homepage kitchen-perfection beautiful design digital agency

Modernising the branding to reflect the new design and content was simple. Our graphic designs set about creating a simple, contemporary feel to the new logo which reflects the kitchen-perfections approach to kitchen design and encapsulated the new strap line from our Copy Writers - Kitchens made for Life.

The final result has enabled the company to go from strength to strength, further establishing their organisation as the default choice for families across the South of England for all things Kitchen. 

We’re continuing to work with Kitchen-Perfection to introduce an online catalogue of the standard Kitchens they have available. With customer reviews coming in quick and fast, the team over at Kitchen-Perfection are very proud of the work we’ve accomplished and are very excited with what the future holds for us.