Why did we decide to scrap upfront fees?


Most digital agencies operate under a business model where they get paid regardless if the website they design works or fails. They charge upfront because they don't want to be accountable for their promises. We're different.

The model where you pay for services before you see the results is at an end. It's rubbish! 

When starting our agency, we discussed who outlined who are target audience would be, who would get the most from our services. When we settled upon micro to small businesses, it was clear that these were the subset of clients who have largely been ignored by the wider digital agency market but these were the clients who could stand to get the most from these services. 

Unfortunately, money rules this industry and whilst some of these digital agencies do work with smaller organisations, they always have one eye on someone larger. The attraction of an opportunity to generate £5k from a larger business has always meant that clients who represent smaller or local businesses drop way down the priority list and means these clients receive a worse service. 

Now, the Growth Architects wanted to provide the best possible service to clients who could stand to get the most from beautiful website design and truly impactful digital marketing services. We wanted to be able to focus our energies on this subset of clients but this meant making a crucial decision. 

"The decision to exclusively collaborate with micro-small businesses was easy. They stood to get the most and they've been notoriously underserved by existing digital agencies."


To ensure we could collaborate with small businesses, we invented a new business model. One which would keep the lights on in the Growth Architect's towers but would also encourage small, budget focussed businesses to get what they needed without breaking the bank. 

The Growth Architects business revolves around a simple monthly subscription fee, providing small businesses with the opportunity to access the same, in some cases award winning, digital services to help grow their businesses. There are numerous benefits to why this business model is better for our audience but it simply boils down to three points. 


1. Lower monthly subscription fees are more acceptable to smaller organisations who generally pay for services and products with cash-flow. Smaller, bite-size fees can be easily swallowed by most businesses with services and products for sale. 


2. As our model encourages monthly catch-ups, our agency is the most accountable in the business. If our promises exceed the real-world results, there isn't anywhere to run. If we don't deliver, our clients can stop their subscription and move on. Its therefore, always in our interest to go above and beyond because client retention is the single, most important thing to us. 


3. The expensive tools we use to help grow our client's businesses can now be extended to budget focussed businesses, enabling them to use tools which larger businesses normally have exclusive access to. We license powerful technologies, so our clients don't have to but they still get to benefit from them, month in and month out. 


So, why did we decide to scrap upfront fees? 

Because it's simply in the interest of our clients that we did. We're a client focussed digital agency, growing through great customer retention and powerful digital services.