Write A Better Email And Get More Responses (based on 40 million emails)

It's generally accepted that the average person receives 122 emails per day, with the recipient only ever sending 34 emails. Getting a response from the recipient of your outbound e-mails is evidently tough so you'll need to be a little strategic about your emails - from the subject line to your writing style. 

Boomerang are experts in the field and have recently published a new study.  The study is built upon Data from more than 40 million emails which shows that by writing at a primary-school level will score you 36% more responses. 

Using the right amount of emotion is also rather important. Your e-mail shouldn't be too positive eg. overusing exclamation marks with happy connotations leads to an actual decline in response rates - potentially because we're all a little too cynical and when we see someone happy, we don't believe it. 

In fact, moderately positive or negative emails were the most effective, getting around 10-15% more responses than natural ones. This means that the next time you are composing an e-mail, you should give it a pinch of warmth (or hostility) - but only a little bit. 

To find out more, check out the condensed version in the infographic below.