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We help our clients find new customers through a structured and intelligent methodology, combining our extensive design and advertisement expertise.

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Fenstor Storage is a storage facility on the outskirts of Newmarket, Cambridge.

This fledgling storage business in Newmarket wanted to avoid paying expensive PPC bills and needed our expertise to elevate his business to the front of Google search results. Mission accomplished.

Full capacity

100% Storage space full within 6 months

Designed & launched responsive website

80% More visitors browse more than 2 pages per session

Search Engine Optimised

100% Business is generated through organic searches

Finance Mountain is a premium supplier of commercial financial services.

Finance Mountain contacted Growth Architects to design and build several lead generation landing pages for use with their Google Ads campaigns.

The resulting pages have helped the company generate new customers rapidly, whilst reducing CPC, CPA & CPM.

Premium landing page designed to capture ROI

100% Bespoke development using HTML, CSS & JS.

Integrated into existing CMS

Simple management process provided to ensure management team can view and edit contents

Configured to capture all on-page activities to calculate ROI

100% prepared to enable Linger Rates, CTR, Bounce Rates & ROI calculations

LegaleSign is an e-signature software provider and winner of G2’s Best European e-Signature solution.

After a short research & review phase, our team reconfigured the campaign and introduced a number of new targeting mechanisms including in-market audiences and affinity targets.

In addition, our team tweaked the existing demographic targeting, seach term types and optimised the bid modifiers with tremendous results.

Researched & Launched Google Ads campaign

35% Decrease in CPC

Defined audience using in-market and affinity audiences

1/3 Clicks lead to evaluation

Designed and implemented targeted landing pages

100% Tracked & monitored activities for ROI calculation

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