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Blush Ely is an exciting new wedding boutique start-up with big ambitions and even larger stock of designer dresses from around the globe.

Since launch, this independent boutique has enjoyed a fully booked appointment book and has an eye on taking over London.
  • Responsive website designed & launched

  • Top SEO organic placement

  • Automated booking system

  • Remotely managed, updated monthly and continuously optimised

Days to launch
Organic Position
Fully Booked
Client Feedback

We are so happy with how it all looks..We got a great response to our website last night (launch night) and lots of interest which is fantastic!

Sarah Easey, Director, Blush Ely
The challenge

Support the launch of a new local business with a unique, youthful and memorable website. Capture the attention of a young demographic, take local market share aggressively & create a design voice.

Our approach

Review competitors to better understand the landscape. Combine exciting design queues with smart technology to appeal to specific demographic who wants to dress their age and use technology to find the ‘Yes Dress’.


A rapidly-growing business which is now capturing more market share due to their ability to connect prospective customers with the right product, in the right way through an intelligently designed website and surgically targeted content & design.

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Example of work
Example of work
Example of work

Let's get to work.

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