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Call Tracking Analytics

Assign a unique trackable phone number to your marketing campaigns. Using proprietary Growth Architect technology, your business can start measuring the success of traditional marketing campaigns. Our technology will help you understand how many sales opportunities your traditional marketing channels create, helping you decide which channels to avoid and which to double-down on.

What we provide

A unique telephone number which is fully traceable

Data is the most important part of any advertisement campaign. Without data, it is impossible to know if your advertisement is resonating with your target audience, if your chosen channel is relevant for your product and service and if the advertisement is worth repeating on another run. With a unique telephone number and the powerful analytics system collecting usage statistics from your advertisements, you will have a level of transparency over your adverts which helps you control your marketing spend as it becomes clear if your advert is driving inbound sales leads for your business.

All of the support you need to get the most from your campaigns.

Our professional team will be available Monday-Friday each week to provide you with assistance at every step of the way. We’ll take care of combining our call tracking technology with your existing campaigns or help you launch independant campaigns.

Combine call tracking with your platform of choices

Track inbound sales calls generated by advertisements on leading marketing platforms.

Our team can help you monitor sales leads through Yahoo & Bing PPC, Organic Search Results, Directory Websites, Facebook Business Pages, Web Referrals & Google Adwords PPC.


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