marketing doesn't need to break the bank.

We're a marketing agency where ambitious small businesses go to solve big problems.


we love working with small businesses


Better results, faster.


Give your small business the tools to compete. We provide affordable monthly access to a high calibre marketing team, enabling ambitious small businesses to launch superior websites, complex marketing campaigns and obtain access to better results, faster.


We'll put your website to work.

Every one of our subscribers benefit from a new SEO optimised website which not only looks great and appears frequently on search results but functions perfectly on any device.

Your new website will be powered by proprietary analytical technology. We'll use this to monitor the success of everything we do, from e-mail and Adwords marketing campaigns to magazine adverts and website updates.

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Marketing expertise, on-tap.

From the moment you subscribe your business will instantly have access to an award winning marketing team.

Our experienced team can design your business website, create a new logo, write compelling SEO content, design flyers, manage your social media, edit photographs or all of the above.

Think of us as your very own marketing team.

Imagine hiring your own experienced and accomplished marketing team but without the recruitment costs, the time investment and the on-boarding delays.

Working with the Growth Architects provides small businesses with all of the benefits with none of the pitfalls. You can call your team Monday to Friday, e-mail them tasks 24/7 and kick larger projects off with an indepth conference call.


What can we help you accomplish today..

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Branding. Our team has expertise in graphic design and access to a bunch of advanced tools. Has a logo been on your to-do list for a while? Let's strike it off today.


Flyers. Traditional advertisement is still an exceptional method of advertising and with the support of our graphic designer and copy writer, we can make it work even harder for you.

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Adwords. Digital advertisement platforms like Google Adwords can become messy, quickly. Let us help you setup your account correctly and point you in the right direction.


Traffic. You mean terrific! Traffic is a must for a modern successful business. Let our team lead the way, helping you target appropriate platforms, demographics and sources.


Analytics. It's important to know what's going on with your marketing efforts. Our team can use technology and professional techniques to expose valuable campaign metrics helping you target more effectively. 


e-Commerce. Know when e-commerce is right for you and how best to implement it. Is Shopify or Magneto the right platform for you? Which products should you sell and to who? We know and can help you setup shop.

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"Regrettably I was one of those business owners who finished working in the day time only to continue on until the break of dawn. With the Growth Architects handling my online activities, I can finally put my baby to bed and spend more time with my wife in the evenings."

Charles Goldman, KGG Builders

One subscription fee providing unlimited options.

Achieve more for your business by spending less, saving more and out performing your competitors.