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We help our clients find new customers through a structured and intelligent methodology, combining our extensive design and advertisement expertise.

LegaleSign is an e-signature software provider and winner of G2's Best European e-Signature solution.

Reaching out to Growth Architects, this software company wanted to improve their existing Google Ads targeting as they belived the current configuration was attracting the wrong type of customer.

After a short research & review phase, our team reconfigured the campaign and introduced a number of new targeting mechanisms including in-market audiences and affinity targets. In addition, our team tweaked the existing demographic targeting, seach term types and optimised the bid modifiers with tremendous results.


NEW Blush Ely launched with the modest goal of helping local young women find their perfect wedding gown.

For Blush Ely, one of the most important aspects of running a business was how the brand was presented and how users interacted with it online.

By choosing to work with Growth Architects, their new website was designed to work perfectly on all size screens, capture high ranks for valuable search terms and enable excited young brides to discover their 'Yes dress' within just 2 clicks.


FinanceMountain is a leading UK based broker of web leads specialising in sourcing high quality web leads for financial claims companies.

Working with the Growth Architects, FinanceMountain managed to squeeze more performance out of their existing Google Ads campaigns and spend less on their Google ad spend.

Within the first 30 days of collaborating with our PPC and website design experts, the business successfully managed to increase it's conversion rate with a set of new highly targeted landing pages, specifically designed to support the existing campaign(s) and persuade more visitors to book an initial appointment. As conversions increased, so did the costs resulting in both goals being met.

Mitchell & Mayle is a leading waste management company who had experienced poor results whilst working with Yell and they wanted more.

Due to lack lustre results from Yell, Mitchell & Mayle worked with Growth Architects to design a new replacement website which helped to educate potential customers on the businesses services and take bookings online.

Our website designers worked closely with our Google Ads specialists to create a professional web presence and create a PPC campaign to draw in new customers in a volume never before experienced by the Mitchel & Mayle team since launching back in 1987.


Cambridge Worktops is an established worktop specialist which wanted more customers than their previous agency could deliver.

The previous website looked confusing on mobile screens, lacked important value propositions regarding the businesses products and was yet to convert visitors in any noticable way.

The Growth Architects designed and launched a new responsive website, creating bespoke content for each page and successfully ranked the website on the first page of Google for many valuable search terms. To increase the businesses top-line revenue, Google Ads were deployed and optimised to generate more high quality leads than ever before.

Richard Thomas Conservatories, Extensions & Windows is a traditional specialist which had struggled to stand out from the pack.

Choosing to work with Growth Architects, the business quickly started to benefit from a new responsive ROI focused website (built upon a modern stack) and a conversion optimised Google Ad campaign.

Our teams worked closely from the get-go, starting with an onsite visit to discuss overall goals and targets. Consequently, our in-house PPC specialists and web developers worked tirelessly to build a synergistic solution which increased inbound sales leads by over 740% and decrease lead costs by around 30%.


ProductWoW is a london photography studio which wanted less leads but leads of higher quality.

As the business was an established player within Soho and the surrounding area, online searches for the business had continued to climb and inbound enquiries had followed but existing enquiries were for projects too small or too little volume.

Growth Architects designed an intelligent Google Ads campaign which targeted a specific type of client; one which represented their perfect demographic, ideal industry and most importantly, those who believed the most in the product they were selling.

Maybin Electrical is a specialist electrician seeking to transition away from traditional electrical work to smart homes and associated services.

Growth Architects worked closely with Maybin Electrical to create a responsive and dynamic website which showcased the services perfectly.

Creating a responsive website containing bespoke educational content and original vivid imagery, effectively lighted the fuse. The business has gone from strength to strength and now appears top rank for valuable search terms which translates directly into new inbound enquiries.


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