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Mitchell & Mayle Limited


Driving Conversions with Google Ads & Intelligent website design

200%+ Inbound enquiries

40%+ Budget Reduction

40%+ Organic Enquiries

Project Introduction

Taking over the control from Yell has resulted in this business enjoying a cost reduction of several thousand pounds per month, whilst increasing the number of inbound leads they receive. Driving inbound sales enquiries and online sales has been revolutionary for this business as it has resulted in a push to recruit additional employees and executing capital purchases of new tankers/vans simply to keep up with the new levels of demand.



Replace the existing tired website with a new responsive version, creating bespoke and heavily targeted content which helps improve conversion rates across the board. Plan and execute a paid channel marketing strategy which spends less but achieves far more.


The new website works perfectly on both large and small screens and is designed to convert users into inbound sales enquiries. With the inclusion of an ecommerce portion, qualified website visitors can now order services online without human interaction reliably and securely.

Our Google Ads campaign is designed from the ground up to capture the attention of a number of different demographics and customer profiles and convert them into inbound sales enquiries/online orders.


Within the first month of launching the Google Ads campaign the business enjoyed it’s most successful month of trading since founding in 1987. With custom landing pages converting inbound paid traffic and the website successfully capturing the attention of users from Organic searches, the business is now recruiting more staff and purchasing additional hardware to keep up with demand.


Business Overview

Mitchell & Mayle are a leading waste disposal company based in Littleport, Ely. Established in 1987, the business has been going from strength to strength purchasing new tankers and recruiting staff consistantly to keep up with demand.


Mitchell & Mayle Limited



Mitchell and Mayle’s growth has been explosive since our team took control from Yell. It really proves that large businesses who apply a cookie-cutter approach just won’t cut it anymore for ambitious small businesses.

Know the market


Defining the best method of taking control over the businesses marketing strategy by examining how Yell had been advertising the business was crucial. After an indepth analysis, it was clear that the cookie-cutter approach applied by Yell was driving the wrong type of customers to Mitchell and Mayle. Digging deeper into how users had been interacting with the previous site showed that the existing content had been deterring clients with high bounce rates on most pages. Uncovered within our research phase was that Yell had been charging the business high rates for showing the advertisements but had been unable to show any results.



Understanding the businesses ideal customer was crucial. Driven from our initial research and on-site meetings, our team got to work creating a modern website that looks great on both small and large screens and included a content strategy that helped educate users on the benefit of working with the business. Driving inbound sales through both Organic search and Paid channels has been helped with an intelligently designed website, which routes different users to relevant pages and a number of bespoke landing pages to help capture interest from Google Ads.



Since launching the business has enjoyed it’s best month of the year which has been driven from creating an intelligent marketing funnel comprising of Google Ad campaigns combined with optimised Landing pages. With our SEO efforts still underway, the website enjoys first page for valuable search terms ensuring interested customers can find the business online regardless of which search engine they use.

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