Website Templates - Good or bad for your business?

With traditional businesses left in the wake of the internet, small business no longer have a choice of being online or not - this decision has been taken out of their hands. Chances are, if your business does not have a website then you're losing business to your competitors who undoubtably do.

There are a wide variety of choices for the budding entrepreneur when it comes to creating a website. You can choose between pre-made templates, build-from-scratch website platforms or invoking the services of a website designer. With each option, there are a number of additional choices to make but primarily, it comes down to two things - Budget & Time.


Choosing to move forward with pre-made website templates will provide your business with a framework to input your business information, presenting it in an accessible way to potential customers. You can use services providers such as TemplateMonsters, and Free Website Templates which all provide simple website templates. 

With all of these options you will have the ability to customise the template, introducing new images, animations and text. Some of these will be paid-for website templates and some of them will be free. We recommend using, as it provides paid-for website templates for a low monthly affordable fee and with it's intuitive user-interface, provide you with guidance and support.

website templates


Deciding to build your own website through a website builder such as or provides you with a little more flexibility. You'll have the ability to start your website from a blank canvas and these platforms will serve up the building blocks of website design for you to pick and choose where these elements are placed and how they appear. There are some restrictions on how you can layout your website but it is quite simple to drag-and-drop these elements to build a basic website and use this for your small business.


Choosing to opt for the Website Designer option is the more expensive option out of these 3, as you would need to account for the individuals time whilst he designs and develops your new website. Rather than using technology to build your website, you will simply instruct your new found friend and they will take away your instructions and deliver a custom website. 


Each of the above options has their draw-backs. Namely, your time will be required for all of the above as you'll need to invest time into how you want your business presented, what information should you include and what aspects are important to include in order to rank well on search engines so that your website is found first. If you're happy to invest your time into creating a website for your business - if you have the time spare - then you'll be able to create a website in a few month which will help people find your  business online. 


Because business owners invest their time in growing their business, it's often difficult for them to justify the time to invest in learning new website technology, web terminology and best practices. Learning all of this information is not an easy feat and will take time - even the most experienced website developers can't spend less than 24 hours creating a new website from scratch and that's  a conservative estimate. 

With a Digital Agency which provides website development services under a subscription model, your business can simply outsource the design, development, hosting and writing for your website and know that the right decisions are being made and importantly that the right technologies are being combined. Working with external digital agencies for these types of important tasks are the preferred model and avoids business owners investing time they could be using to grow their business on creating their website properties and advertising their business online. 

Simply, working with a Digital agency which provides website design and marketing services under an affordable subscription basis means that small business can now have professional website properties which are comparative to far larger businesses for a far smaller fee. Think of working with a Digital Agency as working with your own in-house digital marketing team.