What is a Growth Architect?

What is a Growth Architect?

Answer: A Growth Architect is an individual who is both a marketing guru and technologist. They apply technology to solve marketing problems, attempting to short-circuit revenue growth for businesses of all sizes.

In our world, this means a Growth Architect helps to grow the size of small businesses by using or creating technology to find customers faster than traditional methods. With great success, may I add.

So, what does a Growth Architect do?

What is a Growth Architect?

The title Growth Architects is integrating itself into the tech world culture, emphasising that coding and technical chops are an essential part of growing businesses.

Growth Architects are a hybrid of marketer and coder, it’s someone who looks at commercial problems and asks ‘How do I get customers for my product?’ and answers with A/B tests, landing pages, viral factor, email deliverability and analytics. 

On top of this, a Growth Architect layers a discipline of direct marketing, with an emphasis on quantitative measurement, scenario modelling via spreadsheets and a lot of database queries. If a business wants to bring their services online, a Growth Architect is crucial to help check market fit, and ensure this process is handled in the most suitable way. 

Growth Architects don’t just have a single discipline. A team of Growth Architects would be multi-disciplined having experiences over coding, marketing, copy writing, business strategy and business analytics. Projects like deliverability, page-load times, website design and Facebook campaigns are no longer just about presenting the core facts and hoping that it resonates, it’s now being in a position to know if your next project will be a success by better understanding your goals and message. 

Traditional businesses typically aren’t situated to take advantage of technologies either because they haven’t need to use them before or that their lives simply don’t invite the opportunity to learn about them. Growth Architects understand the technology having used it to launch successful campaigns many times before. They’re kept aware of new, powerful tools and because they represent only one spoke in a wheel, can typically work together with others to combine technologies and strategy for the betterment of traditional businesses. 

The Growth Architects grow small businesses

That’s what Growth Architects do. We enable traditional businesses with impactful technology to achieve commercial goals.

  • We Advise.
  • We Build.
  • We Develop.
  • We Market.
  • We Close.
  • We Guide.

We’re simply the marketing experts helping small businesses launch their business online successfully.