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Cambridge Worktops is national worktop specialist, providing exemplary services from within the home improvement space. Known for their exceptional work ethic and pursuit of perfection, they are one of the fastest growing specialists in the East of England.
  • Researched & Launched Google Ads campaign

  • Launched Responsive website showcasing over 1,000 products

  • Designed & Deployed Dynamic Quotation Form

  • Increased inbound leads by 1,000% & Increased ATV 300%

Increase in CTR
Inbound Sales Enquiries
Decrease in Conversion Cost
Increase in inbound leads
Client Feedback

We just couldn’t have achieved what we have without the support of the Growth Architects.

Darren Seamark, Founder, Cambridge Worktops
The challenge

We had two goals to achieve for the PPC and SEO segments of this project.

1) Start with a minimal budget and generate positive ROI within 2 months.

2) Set into motion a medium/long term strategy to generate a high volume of high quality inbound leads that match the businesses perfect customer profile.

Our approach

Cambridge Worktops had experimented with Google Ads and SEO before reaching out to us but with no real tracking in place, it had been difficult to understand if it had impacted the businesses financial results.

When we created the Google Ads campaign, we sat down with the Cambridge Worktops team to better understand their products and their position within the industry. Using this intelligence, we created a bespoke campaign splitting out suitable groups of target search terms into Ad Groups and crafting enticing search ads. With SEO, our web team created a brand new website containing over 300+ unique pages to showcase their beautiful products and generate a better search result.


The final campaign started off tremendously well, generating 320% more inbound sales enquiries within the first month. The tracking our team implemented also meant that they knew exactly where these leads were coming from, the cost of each lead and how many leads had been generated in total.

With our tracking also detailing SEO, everyone was able to celebrate when our efforts started to result in top spots in Google search for valuable/relevant search terms - generating 200% more organic leads than previously received.

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