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Increase the speed of acquiring new customers with Google Ads. As a Google Partner our experienced team offers extensive Google Adwords management.

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Our Approach to Google Ads

Google Ads provide businesses with the ability to appear at the top position in Google’s search results page through a paid channel. With now over 93% of the worlds searches performed through Google, it’s the obvious choice for any business wishing to find their audience.

Google Ads will help any business to achieve great results - whether that be growing online visibility, increasing brand awareness or generating online sales and ROI.

Our team takes the time to understand your business and adapt our online marketing strategy to help you meet your business objectives. We thoroughly believe that growing with Google Ads (‘Adwords’) is the most consistant method and when partnered with monthly monitoring, absolutely transparent.

Google PPC experts

Local marketing talent, ready and waiting.

Work with marketing experts with proven experience from your industry.

Affordable Google PPC Management

Affordable management plans starting at just £300pm.

Great contracts for Google PPC management

Standard contracts are set against a 30 day rolling notice period.

Dedicated Google PPC Manager

£75 off first month Google Ads spend for first time clients.

Google Partner Marketing Agency

Why Work with a Google Partner Agency?

Deciding which agency to trust with your advertising campaign can be a difficult decision. Choosing to work with a Google Partner agency ensures you are working with professionals which are trusted by the world's largest search engine and advertisement platform which can deliver the results you are seeking.

Trust our accredited agency

Whenever you entrust an agency which has been accredited by Google or Bing, you can rest assured that you'll be receiving the highest standard of work. We believe in ethical marketing which delivers results for our clients and we pride ourselves on our progressive thinking which conforms with Google's guidelines. We will never put your website at risk of penalty of downgrading because we will never use or recommend unethical marketing techniques.

Working with a Google Partner

In addition to being a Google Partner, our team is heavily invested in Google Analytics which means we can help you capture and present your data more intelligently. Reach out to us or take a look at our services pages to find out how we can help your business grow using PPC.

Features of Google Ads

Search, Display & Shopping Campaigns

Search campaigns are usually a large focus of most Google Ads accounts, typically expanding to encompass Google Shopping and the Google Display Network, all working together to increase your ROI.

Promote your business

Google Ads is an exceptional way to increase online visibility. Tailoring campaigns to those most interested in your service or product can help you reach out to new potential customers - some will come back to your business and use your services or products again and again.

Constantly improve and grow your ROI

If you're hunting for sales, we'll maximise the profitability of your Google Ads campaign and drive towards your desired ROI goal. Our team are experts in Google Shopping strategy, a channel built for ecommerce stores, but we apply our data-driven approach to maximise ROI across all Adwords (Google Ads) channels.

Target the right people for your business

Google Ads is brilliant at honing in on in-market audiences who are ready to convert. Layering strategies such as location & device targeting, remarketing lists, and constant keyword optimisation, we can help your adverts reach the right people at the right time.

We're a trustworthy PPC marketing agency
We're Trusted

We're only happy when our clients are happy. If you're interested in seeing what our clients think of us, pop over to Facebook, Google MyBusiness, Yell and Bark. It's not often that an agency receives 99% positive feedback.

We're an approachable Google PPC marketing agency
We're Friendly

We're an approachable little agency based in Ely, Cambridgeshire. Conversation drives our client relationships and is our #2 priority (results being our first). There's nothing more enjoyable than learning about your business or plotting world domination over a nice cup of tea and a bonbon biscuit.

We're an affordable Google PPC Marketing Agency

Our Fees are easily digested

Every fibre in our agency is designed to make marketing accessible for small businesses. From our 30 day rolling contracts, to our bite-size subscription costs and payment schedules for larger projects.

A scientific approach to paid search advertising

Time to remove guesses from the equation.

Online pay-per-click advertising can be overwhelming and intangible for those just embarking on a new campaign. Any agency responsible for running campaigns is not in the guessing game - the approach should always be scientific and data-driven - our agency will only make a decision when we have access to sufficient data to ensure we make the correct choice. Working in this way, we can ensure that our account management team is the best it can be.

Everyone of our employees champion the scientific approach to PPC management, applying principles of mathematics, user testing and insightful data analysis to inform every single decision and get the best return on your investment.

With our unique perspective, restrictions set in place by advertisement platforms, Google or Bing, represent opportunities. For our team, any restrictions we can bypass or use to our benefit will give our clients an advantage. Creating scripts which help us service our clients better is all part of the job and regardless of which platform we're working within, our clients always benefit.

Our account management, reporting and performance analsys takes into consideration every aspect of the campaign and our main priority will always be to provide handsome returns on your advertisement spend. We take the time to get to you know your business inside-out because there is never a successful no-one size fits all approach in PPC.

Innovative campaigns

We're constantly testing the limits of all of the advertising campaigns we work with and always use a proactive approach for keeping our clients at the forefront of the industry. Applying this methodology, we can ensure that we continue be great at what we do and continue to provide outstanding results for all of our clients.

Technology focus

Our internal tools protect your media spend and automate complex management tasks to ensure an aggressive return. Fundamentally, our team of experienced account managers are supported by an extensive toolset of advanced software to ensure great results.

Data-driven strategies

You won't find a hunch behind our doors, in our offices. We make decisions that are backed by data, statistics & clever algorithms. Combining proven techniques, data modelling and scientific analysis keeps us and our clients ahead of the pack.

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