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Bing Ads

If you’ve been considering looking to grow beyond the boundaries of Google Ads (‘Adwords’), Bing provides an additional complementary platform for a whole different range of audiences and associated CPA’s. As the default engine for Internet Explorer, Edge, Yahoo and Xbox, Bing is an excellent choice for those looking to make use of its unique offerings.

Bing PPC Ads provide an alterantive platform with a different range of features to Google Ads and can be a great source of opportunnities for those looking to market to a very specific audience. Our approach to Bing Ads is not simply mirror what we do in Adwords but rather build invididual campaigns based around Bing’s unique strengths including bespoke audience targeting and voice search queries.


Features of Bing Ads

Cheaper costs

Bing Ads’ niche user-base means that getting clicks from the right customers costs a lot less, and so does a conversion. If you’re looking to expand your audience targeting but don’t want to drastically increase spend, then Bing Ads is for you!

Voice search

Bing is storming ahead with the development of its flagship voice recognition software. It is estimated that by 2020 50% of searches made will be voice. Bing is an excellent choice for advertisers wanting to get ahead of the trend.

Image extensions

One of Bing’s unique features is the ability to add images to search ads, as well as the traditional text extensions. This is especially great for ecommerce businesses, or those who may benefit from additional visual imagery.

Increased visibility

Bing allows text adverts to show in its right hand column as well as repeating these at the bottom of the page - doubling your amount of visibility! Bing can therefore be an excellent choice for businesses looking to increase online visibility alongside gaining conversions from a whole new set of audiences.

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