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PPC Reviews & Audits

PPC managers know that return-on-investment is everything. Generating higher value conversions and lower costs is crucial in a successful campaign. By carefully crafting campaigns that are managed efficiently each month, the return gradually improves over time. The secret in our approach, is using the underlying metrics of your campaigns to drive future improvements - surely, reliably and continuously.

As a Google and Bing accredited Partner agency, we work with a wide range of high value PPC accounts. With the majority of these being driven from an initial request to find more customers, faster. We specialise in reviewing high value accounts, identifying the wasted spend and implementing improvements with new strategies to ensure every pound count. Get in touch if you would like us to review your PPC campaigns or continue to read on for a little more information.


Our Reviews & Audits

PPC Reviews

Our PPC review is perfect for businesses which are looking to quickly understand the key strengths (or weaknesses) of their existing PPC account. Our reviews do not use templates but we do review with a set criteria to highlight quick wins. We also take the time to use your existing campaign to show you how small changes can impact your results over the long-term.

Your review will look at the following.

Basic account structure (campaigns, ad groups, keywords)
Basic account settings
Budget allocation
Use of keywords and negative keywords
Ad copy and keyword placement
Landing pages
Conversion tracking

PPC Audits

PPC audits provide a more detailed and in-depth analysis of your account. Audits are best suited to businesses seeking to make a very real impact on the success of their campaigns, who intend to invest either internally or with an external partner in the progression of those campaigns.

Our audits analyse the components detailed in the reviews section and also the following.

Advanced account structure and segmentation
Audience segmentation and targeting
Advanced campaign settings
New keyword opportunities
On-page SEO factors
Competitor and market analysis

New business.

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